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Information for visa applicants

Information for visa applicants

Foreigners in the territory – Important Facts

All Ioreigners who have been legally in the Czech Republic at the time of declaration of State of emergency are authorised to continue their stay in the territory until the state of emergency ends.


Czech Embassies abroad do not accept any new visa applications until further notice.

All granted applintment were cancelled!

All proceedings involving long-term visas and residence permits have been suspended. Applications for short-term Schengen visas have also been suspended.
The government visa programmes have been suspended. Assigned appointment dates have been cancelled; new dates will be assigned as soon as the possibility of accepting applications for employee cards, blue cards, ICT cards and long-term visas at embassies and consulates of the Czech Republic abroad has been restored.

Note: DV-R visa holders (for the purpose of collecting Employee card) are not allowed to enter the Czech Republic during the state of emergency until further notice.

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