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Information for residents

Information for residents

Foreigners in the territory – Important Facts

All Ioreigners who have been legally in the Czech Republic at the time of declaration of State of emergency are authorised to continue their stay in the territory until the state of emergency ends.

Short term Schengen visa for pupropose of work and work permits holders

Should the schengen work visa and work permit expire during the state of emergency, it is considered to be extended up to 60 days beyond the date when state of emergency ends, under the condition that the employment contract is extended.

Long term visa, Employee card, blue card, ICT card and other residence permit extension

It is recommended to submit your application by post, paying the application administration fee (CZK 2,500) in duty stamps (stick them in the appropriate place on the application form). If you send your application from your own data in-box to the Ministry of the Interior in-box, you will subsequently be asked to pay the administration fee by bank transfer.

Send originals or certified translations of the supporting documents required for your application, with the exception of your passport; if sent by data in-box, the documents must be sent in authorised conversion format.

Submit simple photocopies of the travel document and registry certificates which the foreign national is normally required to present in original form. Please send copies of all pages of your travel document. You may present the originals when you come to the office to enable us to capture your biometric data necessary for producing your residence card. Send the original of the document confirming the purpose of your stay in the territory.

If your application is successful, we will be able to capture your biometric data and issue your residence card once the state of emergency has ended.

More information and model situations for Foreigners on MoI website:

Change of Employer during state of Emergency

Employee card holders:

you can from March 19th, 2020 change your employer or your job position before the end of the state of emergency and you do not have to finish 6 months period. You are still obliged to report the change to the Ministry of the Interior according to the legal conditions.

New employer is carrying out or helping to take measures in the state of emergency

Employee card and blue card holders:
 it is sufficient to notify the change at the latest on the day of entering to your new job, the conditions are considered to be fulfilled by change of employer notice and change is possible immediately after. The number of new vacant position must always be filled in the form.

Change of employer notification form.

More details:

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