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Information for foreigners

Information for foreigners

For the duration of the state of emergency travelling across the borders is limited. The exit from the Czech Republic is limited in the same way as the movement of persons at the territory of the Czech Republic according to the extraordinary measure by the Ministry of Health. The rules for entering the territory of the Czech Republic and quarantine measures are stated in the resolution No. 387 of April 6, 2020 required for entry the national territory of the Czech Republic.

What is prohibited?

  • Citizens and foreigners with permanent residency or temporary residence for over 90 days must not travel out of the Czech Republic, except for persons stated here.
  • All foreigners are prohibited from entering the Czech Republic. This does not apply:
    • to foreigners with temporary residency for more than 90 days or permanent residency in the Czech Republic, family members – spouses and minor children – of European Union citizens and Czech Republic citizens who are authorised to enter the Czech Republic,
    • to European Union citizens and foreigners with European Union residency permits who are transiting across the Czech Republic in order to travel home, and have a note issued by a diplomatic mission for this purpose (transit and repatriation),
    • if the entry of these foreigners is in the interest of the Czech Republic,
    • to cross-border workers who regularly and repeatedly cross the state border of the Czech Republic and a neighbouring country for the purpose of performing work in the Czech Republic,
    • to workers in international transport,
    • to workers in critical infrastructure servicing,
    • to diplomats and officials of international organisations,
    • in urgent extraordinary situations.
  • The acceptance of applications for visas, short-term visas, temporary and permanent residence and applications for stays of over 90 days has been suspended.
  • If I am a cross-border worker, I must respect the stricter requirements to minimise social contacts:
    a) I must not visit my family or close persons
    b) I must not arrange errands and services for other persons
    c) I must not travel to arrange urgent official matters
    d) I must not go out in nature and parks

What is permitted?

  • Cross-border workers may cross the border of the Czech Republic under the conditions stipulated on the website of the Ministry of Interior.
  • Drivers of trucks and buses, passenger aircraft crews, train conductors, train crews and wheel tappers, ship captains and vessel crew members and crews of road management vehicles who transit or ensure transport via high-risk territories and to whom an exception from compulsory quarantine applies, are recommended by the government to behave with maximum caution in the high-risk territories and limit contact with local staff to the absolute minimum.
  • Citizens of the Czech Republic may return from countries which have adopted extraordinary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus or from which commercial mass transit connections have been restricted or cancelled, via the repatriation program for which the government has earmarked CZK 111 million from the state budget reserve to ensure their return. – Crossing the border with Germany and Austria is permitted only at 12 selected border crossing and at the airports in Prague-Ruzyně and Prague-Kbely. Until further notice, the internal protection of borders with Germany and Austria and the internal air border has been reintroduced, and Slovakia and Poland are both protecting their borders from their own initiative.
  • Employment permits pursuant to the Act on Employment and short-term Schengen visas for the purpose of employment that were issued before the date this measure was declared and whose validity will expire at most 60 days from the end of the state of emergency, are extended so that they expire after the passing of 60 days from the end of the state of emergency. This is under the condition that the foreigner has a valid employment relationship with an employer in the Czech Republic. The validity of employment permits and residency permits and visas issued until the date the measure was declared to persons in an employment relationship with employers who provide services based on agreement or based on other contracts, is extended for a period of 60 days after expiry.

What must I do?

  • If I am a cross-border worker with a granted exemption, I must undergo an examination of infectious disease symptoms when crossing the state border.
  • If I am a cross-border worker with a granted exemption, I must undergo the imposed 14-day quarantine; proof of undergoing quarantine will be issued by my attending physician, and when commencing a new tour, I must submit it to the police.
  • All citizens of the Czech Republic, foreigners with permanent residency or temporary residency for over 90 days in the Czech Republic, who return from abroad, from any country, are obliged to report this fact via telephone or other remote access to their attending physician or attending paediatrician, and undergo a 14-day quarantine at home.

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