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Save Jobs! program

Save Jobs! program

Considering recent layoffs of employees in response to the Covid19 outbreak, the Czech Chamber of Commerce has launched the so-called Save jobs! program. The aim of this program is to allow affected employers to find alternate means of employment for their employees in different companies.

Based on the findings of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, up to 7% employers have had to lay off employees, particularly in the tourism and hospitality sectors. In order to ensure continuous employment for affected employees, the Save jobs! program will allow employees to temporarily transfer to companies in need of additional capacities.

This will allow employees to maintain their wage and living standard, while simultaneously learning new professional skills. Affected employees will stay employed under their original labor contract and their original employer will re-invoice the temporary employer the respective employee’s wage costs and salaries.

This program was initiated by the vice-chairman of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the subcommittee on ICT of the Czech Chamber of Deputies Martin Jiránek in cooperation with JURENT CZ s.r.o, which will be operating the digital platform itself.

Applicants can find out more about this program at

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