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Hack The Crisis

Hack The Crisis
  • In cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and a number of other partners, CzechInves has launched the so-called Hack the Crisis hackathon
  • This is a concept that brings together the state, regions, universities, companies and associations with the aim of accelerating selected projects reflecting our country’s priorities in the fight against the coronavirus
  • The hackathon is another activity carried out under the Czech Network platform, where companies can, among other offer and request available capacities, materials and services

A mobile application responding to the extraordinary situation, 3D printing and rapid production of scarce goods such as respiratory ventilators and protective equipment are only a few examples of how individuals and companies can help not only during this time of extraordinary measures and challenges brought forth by the coronavirus.

Thanks to the involvement of all relevant government bodies, the ministry and CzechInvest want to support projects that encounter obstacles to their implementation in a coordinated and flexible manner. Such obstacles include, for example, a shortage of financing, a lack of contacts, know-how and capacities, and long, drawn-out processes. The team behind the implementation of the hackathon and the operation of the Czech Network platform can help to overcome these obstacles and will attempt to introduce promising projects into practice as soon as possible in cooperation with companies, government and private experts in the given area.

The proposals will subsequently be evaluated by a jury, a so-called ideaboard composed of experts and representatives of the academic sphere and state administration with a direct connection to the central crisis-management staff. If the project gets the green light, registered participants will be contacted by representatives of the Czech Network team, who will help them obtain, for example, computing capacities, consulting, financial support and connections to representatives of other companies and the state. At the same time, they will assist with administration so that the registered participants can fully focus on their projects.
Companies can get involved in the hackathon by submitting their project proposals via a simple web form at

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